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Thyroid & Endocrine Center of South Texas
Dr. Kathleen E. Hands, MD, FACE, ECNU, Director
Stone Oak Medical Building
540 Madison Oak Medical Building, Suite 270
San Antonio, TX, 78258

Phone: (210) 491-9494

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Have you seen a doctor that seems to only spend 5 minutes with you?

Dr. Hands is able to spend the necessary time with you because she does not allow the insurance companies to dictate YOUR care.

Your HEALTH INSURANCE works the same as HOME OWNERS and AUTO INSURANCE. You are reimbursed for services AFTER YOU HAVE MET YOUR DEDUCTIBLE. If the doctor you wish to see is not in your plan, YOU need to submit your bill to the insurance company for YOUR reimbursement.

Doctors that have billing personnel must see more patients to support the staff salaries when you are “using your insurance.” This means they have to see more patients per hour to make up for the billing personnel salary to collect money from YOUR insurance company, extra staff to see extra patients, more patients to pay for the extra staff, longer wait times for the extra patients, and so on.

YOU are reimbursed 100% of the time. Doctors are reimbursed less than 60% of the time due to sheer abundance in number of claims, rejections, resubmissions, and errors which require a billing specialist to resubmit claim.

Doctors who spend EXTRA time with patients are not driven by insurance companies to see more patients to cover their overhead costs. They typically do not have billing personnel, expect payment for the service when rendered, and YOU submit YOUR insurance paperwork to get reimbursed.
Doctors WANT to take care of you, but when driven by lower and lower reimbursements from insurance carriers, they cannot sustain their practices. The insurance industry is likely to follow medicare and cut reimbursements again. It will become more difficult to find a doctor that “takes your insurance” because doctors are being strangled by the insurance industry monster.

When you ask a doctor’s office “if they take your insurance” think about what you want for your medical care: LONG WAIT TIMES, SHORT DOCTOR VISITS OR a visit where you feel cared for and YOU submit your paperwork..

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